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Deutsche Radiosendungen mit der Acht Brücken Schreibschule

One of the most exciting parts of my time at the Acht Brücken Schreibschule was a tour of the extensive WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk) facilities in the heart of Köln. We were also able to work with a professional there to create our own radio segments. These are reposted here with the permission of the Acht Brücken Schreibschule.

Die Schwierigkeit, ein Mensch zu Sein

My amazing colleage Teresa Roelcke interviewed me about my time in Germany and my views on political music and the Acht Brücken festival. That segment can be heard here.

Zusammenleben ist eine Kunst

I also worked together with the wonderful Johanna Lamprecht to produce a segment about Vinko Globokar's gigantic improvisatory work, Individuum <=> Collectivum, including an interview with trumpeter Marco Blaauw of Ensemble Musikfabrik, who frequently interprets the piece. That piece can be heard here.

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